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Services and Accommodations

Adding your business information to, a recreational guide to the West's favorite highway, is EASY and FREE! As you undoubtedly know, Google placement is primarily based on the number of relevant web sites that are linked to your site.  It is to our mutual benefit to exchange links.  To add your business on this page for this town with a link back to yours is Free! I ask for nothing but a reciprocal link to my site.   Please provide the information to the form below, and reply back to me.  I will then cut and paste the information to the Services and Accommodations section or other pertinent category and email you when it is posted.  You may even add two photographs to your business listing; however, they must be sent to me as jpegs.  I do have a small fee of $10 per photograph, which will be waived if you have a quality photograph of flora, fauna, mountains, fishing etc.  Naturally, any additional photographs that I select to add to my site entries will include the words, "Courtesy of..." PLUS another link to your site.

Step 1: Add a link on your site to my web site.  You may use , or you may use a description with a link.  Send me an email asking for a reciprocal link, along with a browser address to where I may find the link to my site.

Step 2: In your email include the following form with your business information.
Closest Town (See town listings under categories):
Type of Business:
Name of Business:
Business Address:
Contact Person:
Zip Code:
Web Address:
150+ Word Description of Business:

Step 3: Include in this email which 2 photographs that you want me to down load from your site to use on your business listing.  Each photograph will be sized to a 4-inch width.  One photograph will be posted under your business name and the other will be posted at the bottom.  Please specify which order you want.  Use this description example: Photo1: Use the first photograph of the lodge on my home page.  Photo 2:  Go to "About Us" and use the photograph of my wife and I on the front porch.  (Please send a check for $20 for adding photographs or send along some quality photographs that you will give me permission to use in lieu of the $20 fee.  Your submitted photographs with permission to publish will waive the fee regardless of whether or not I use the photograph.

Placement:  Your business will be listed under a category name (i.e.: Lodges).  The order of businesses will not be alphabetical but based on the order in which I received the request for a business listing.  The category "Services and Accommodations" for each town requires you to select a town (or the nearest town) from the established list of towns on my category list (Home Page).

If you are a guide or outfitter, don’t forget that you may submit an article for
consideration on my Guide to Highway 395 web site or my site, which will be linked to the Highway 395 site.  Additionally, you may also submit a single fishing tip to my site.  The tip may include an accompanying photograph attachment of yourself, as well as a photograph relative to the tip.  At the bottom of the tip, include your name, email, web address etc.  The tips will be placed at the bottom of a particular lake, river or creek entry.

Thank you for your support.

Dave Archer

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