McGee Creek / 28 Miles North of Bishop

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Name of creek: McGee Creek


Road condition:   Paved

Region: Near Crowley Lake

Description: A small, shallow creek with few pools

Species: Stocked Rainbows

Closest town or supplies: Tom’s Place

Contacts: Crowley Lake Fish Camp (760) 935-4301; Mammoth Lakes Visitor Bureau (888) 466-2666 / (760)-924-5500; Rick’s Sports Center (760) 934-3416; The Trout Fitter fly shop (760) 934-2517.

Nearest campground: Gee Creek; McGee Creek RV Park

Fishing season: General       

Tips: Bait fishing downstream with salmon eggs, worms and Power Bait is popular.

Favorite lures or bait: Most Sierra creeks are too small to fish effectively with lures and spinners.  Your best bet is to poke and dab using salmon eggs or worms.  Small weighted jig patterns, especially grubs and very small tube worms work very well, and do not over look live terrestrials if they are allowed.  If you are partial to lures bring along small Panther-Martins in a variety of colors. (See Category: Fishing Tips – Best Lures and Bait)

Favorite fly patterns: Using a poke and dab presentation, small Woolly Buggers, Girdle Bugs, Yuk Bugs and terrestrial patterns always work well on creeks.  Dry fly patterns include Royal Wulffs, Parachute Adams, Humpies, Renegades, Stimulators, hoppers, ants, beetles and sometimes a Bead-head San Juan Worm. (See Category: Fishing Tips – Best Fly Patterns and Techniques.  Also read the article on fishing creeks if you are new to the sport of angling.)

Stocking information: 10,000

Nearby fishing: Convict Lake, Convict Creek, Crowley Lake, Mammoth Lakes

Additional information: This little creeks gets much less pressure than surrounding creeks.  It is a good respite from summer heat or strong winds pummeling Crowley Lake.

Directions: From Highway 395 in Bishop, drive 28 miles to McGee Creek Road.  Turn left (west) and drive one-quarter of a mile south on Old Highway 395 to the McGee Pack Station Road.


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